Mthinzima Stream, Mpophomeni

As part of the Clean Rivers Campaign initiated by the Department of Water and Sanitation, an event was held at Mthinzima Stream on 18th July 2016. Various stakeholders rolled up their sleeves and assisted in cleaning a portion of the river as part of 67 minutes for Mandela Day. Volunteers went into teams, each of which cleaned a section of the stream. Recyclable waste was separated and the remaining waste taken to a landfill site.

Mthinzima Stream is a tributary of Umgeni River and flows through Mphophomeni Township before flowing into Midmar Dam. Environmental problems in the area include solid waste dumping into the stream and blocked sewage pipes that spill raw sewage into the stream.

Umgeni Water is currently implementing an Adopt-a-River project, on behalf of DWS, at this stream and employs 30 beneficiaries three days a week to remove solid waste. The project activities aim to overcome the disconnect among science, people and the management of natural resources by creating awareness about river health through environmental education and championing a sense of ownership and responsibility for the environment.

As can been seen from the pictures, the problem of solid waste needs to be collectively addressed by all stakeholders before the benefits can be realised. Overall, the day was a success and problems relating to solid waste were highlighted to both community and various stakeholders that were present. To all who participated, a huge THANK YOU!

Collection of photos from the day