Umgeni Water National Water Week Programme 2013

National Water Week is a campaign initiated by the Department of Affairs and implemented by water boards, including Umgeni Water, to raise awareness and the profile of water, illustrate the need for sustainable management of this scarce resource and illustrate the crucial role water plays in eradicating poverty and under-development in South Africa.

The theme and messages of National Water Week have been influenced by local needs and international sectoral trends, and are aimed specifically at enhancing other awareness-creating initiatives already in place. The fundamental message that emanates from all water awareness campaigns is that every citizen must take responsibility for ensuring the integrity and efficient use of water resources. There is an intrinsic link between water resource management, supply and poverty eradication, to the point where socio-economic development will not be achievable without water.

National Water Week 2013 will take place from 18th – 24thMarch under the theme “Water is life - Respect it, Conserve it, Enjoy it”. The theme accentuates the fact that water is central to all forms of life and that everyone has a responsibility to conserve and use it sparingly while, at the same time, enjoying it as a refreshing thirst quencher. It is, therefore, incumbent upon every person, institution and business to use it sparinglyin order to ensure that,in our water scarce country,an adequate amount will be available for present and future needs.

In South Africa, March is commemorated as Human Rights Month - the key event of which is Human Rights Day on 21st March. Therefore, the observance of National Water Week in this month is both appropriate and apt as one of the key messages from National Water Week also underscores access to safe drinking water as a basic human right, enshrined in the Constitution of our country.

National Water Week 2013 coincides with the United Nations General Assembly-declared International Year of Water Co-operation. One of the key events of International Year of Water Co-operation is World Water Day, which will be observed globally on 22nd March 2013. World Water Day also has as its theme water co-operation. International Year of Water Co-operation will be led by the United Nations’ Educational, Science and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) because of UNESCO’s multidisciplinary approach which blends the natural and social sciences, education, culture and communication.

The key objective of the Year of International Water Co-operation is to raise awareness, both on the potential for increased co-operation and on the challenges facing water management, in light of the increase in demand for water access, allocation and services. Events planned for the Year of International Water Co-operation will highlight the history of successful water co-operation initiatives, as well as identify burning issues on water education, water diplomacy, trans-boundary water management, financing co-operation, national/international legal frameworks and linkages with the Millennium Development Goals.

All South Africans have been urged to focus on the need to restore and preserve the integrity of water, a precious resource that, at times, is taken for granted and its strategic value not fully understood or appreciated.In addition, South Africans must ensure that water is managed in a sustainable way.

Remember to report the misuse of water and water leaks to the nearest municipal offices. If you notice leaks on or tampering of Umgeni Water’s bulk water infrastructure, do not hesitate to call Umgeni Water on the toll-free number 0800-2626-94.

Umgungundlovu and Sisonke NWW Schedule

Date Activity Institutions Venue Area
07/03/13 School visit Inzuzwenhle Primary School Umgungundlovu-Imbali
08/03/13 Plant Tour Phambili Primary Midmar Umgungundlovu
13/03/13 Plant Tour Inzuzwenhle Primary Midmar Umgungundlovu-Imbali
14/03/13 School Visit and Presentation Thornville Primary School Umgungundlovu
15/03/13 NWW Special event Adopted schools Sinevuso Sec
Nonkwenkwana Sec
Dingizwe Sec
Mavangana Sec
Mavangana Sec Sisonke-Ufafa
18/03/13 School Visit/Presentation Julukandoda P School Umgungundlovu
19/03/13 School Visit Mpophomeni School Umgungundlovu
20/03/13 Plant Tour Howick Primary Midmar Umgungundlovu

UGU NWW Schedule

Date Activity Institutions Venue Area
11/03/13 Adopted School visit and Presentation Injabulo Sec School Umdoni-Umzinto
12/03/13 Adopted School visit and Presentation Amahlongwa Primary School Umdoni-Umzinto
14/03/13 School visit and Assembly Talk Bazamile Primary School Ethekwini-Molweni
04-07/03 Outreach School visit Schools around Umthwalume Plant Schools Umthwalume
08/03/13 Adopted school visit Kwamaquzi Primary School Umzinto
13/03/13 Tree-Planting
Adopted school visit and presentation
Celokuhle Primary Schools Umzinto
15/03/13 NWW special Event Sisonke  
18-20/03 Task Team schoolvisits Sehole Sec
Umshweshwe Sec
Nombuso Sec
Scottsburg Sec
Luthuli Sec

Ethekwini NWW Schedule 2013

06/03 School Visit – Presentations to all grades Swanvale Primary Swanvale Primary Phoenix
07/03 Tour KZN Coastal College Durban Heights  
07/03 Educators Workshop Mbuyazi Primary Mbuyazi Primary Tafelkop
08/03 *Presentation at Educators Energy and Environment Workshop hosted by Eskom   MTN Science Centre, Gateway Ethekwini
11/03 School Visit – Grade 4 Presentation Ashley Primary Ashley Primary Pinetown
13/03 School Visit – Special Assembly Presentation Willowpark Primary Willowpark Primary Umhlatuzana Township, Chatsworth
13/03 Tour Ashley Primary Eco Club Durban Heights Pinetown
15/03/13 NWW Special Event Sisonke   
18/03 Tour Bumali Primary Durban Heights KwaMashu
19/03 *Stream Cleaning Waterloo Green Team Local stream in Waterloo Waterloo, Verulam
19/03 *Awareness event for Tongaat Schools Keep Tongaat Beautiful Association V. Moonsamy Hall, Tong Tongaat
20/03 Awareness event Mjoji Primary Mjoji Primary Osindisweni
25/03 Tour UKZN Durban Heights  
26/03 *Enviro Market Dayfor Phoenix Schools Phoenix Education Centre Phoenix  
26/03 *Speech and Poetry Competition LMH Youth Group tbc INK (ward 42)
27/03 Awareness event Mbuyazi Primary Mbuyazi Primary Tafelkop
*Stakeholder initiatives; UW invited as guest speaker

ILembe NWW Schedule

Date Activity Institutions Venue Area
05/03/13 Plant tour Addington Nurses Dbn Heights  
07/03/13 Tree-Planting Bonginkosi Pr
Maphuphesizwe Sec
Schools Maphumulo(adopted schools cluster)
06/03/13 Dam Safety Awareness Launch (Distribution of dam safety pamphlets and assembly talk) Moyamuhle P
Maphumulo Comb
Velangezwi P
Ebukhosini P
Mnawe P
Schools Maphumulo schools around iMvutshane Dam
08/03/13 Plant Tour Natal Settlers Nurses DurbanHeights  
12/03/13 Adopted School NWW Event Nyamazane P School Maphumulo
14/03/13 NWW event Nsikeni P andLethithemba Sec Outreachschools KwaDukuza
15/03/13 NWW Special Event (Nomsa) Sisonke Mavangana Ufafa
18/03/13 School Visit Kasturba GandhiClernaville Prim Schools eThekwini (WCrepeat schools evaluation)
19/03/13 Plant Tour Swinton FET College DurbanHeights  
20/03/13 NWW event Umphumulo P (adoptedschool) School Maphumulo
25/03/13 Plant Tour UKZN Microbiology DurbanHeights  
26/03/13 Adopted Schools’visit Isithundu PNgqokwane Sec Schools Maphumulo