Strategic Statements of Umgeni Water and its Functional Divisions

Umgeni Water strategic statement: We will lead the process of providing solutions via an innovative, vigorous growth path, to increase sustainable water supply, in order to satisfy the developmental water services requirements in our region, which contribute to government objectives.

Board Strategic Statement: We will consider internal and external factors, consult with stakeholders, develop a strategy, authorise implementation, manage resources, manage risks and oversee implementation to produce a valid and approved strategic plan, deploy resources, deliver on strategic objectives and provide sound corporate governance to achieve our vision and mission in order to contribute towards government objectives.

Chief Executive Office: We will position and lead the organisation, plan activities and allocate resources, implement strategy, manage risk, champion corporate governance, partner with stakeholders to deliver organisational objectives, to achieve a well governed, vibrant, committed, sector-relevant and engaged organisation that delivers on its mandate.

Operations: We will position ourselves, plan, structure, mobilise resources, source, specify, operate and maintain our infrastructure, abstract, treat, sell, distribute, monitor, conserve and re-use water to deliver quality, effective, affordable water services to our stakeholders which will deliver on organisational objectives.

Engineering and Scientific Services: We understand water demand and water technology and will plan, design and construct infrastructure and manage water resources to provide suitable capacity and assurance of supply, to achieve efficient and effective infrastructure and meet demand. We will manage water quality, optimise treatment processes and drive social and environmental initiatives to provide water quality and environmental sustainability and social investment to achieve with appropriate technology, optimised water quality and cost, and good corporate citizenship to achieve sustainability and public health, in order to meet organisational objectives.

Finance: We will plan, mobilise, account for and report on resources, manage financial risk and maintain internal control and systems, which result in funding, control, support and monitoring of the business, to deliver sound financial management and corporate governance to contribute towards organisational objectives.

Corporate Services: We will lead, plan, mobilise, motivate and develop human resources, which will lead to a competent, efficient and an energised workforce and plan, develop, implement and maintain an ICT platform, which will lead to an efficient and effective ICT service, proactively implement procurement strategies, which will lead to efficient, effective and economical supply of requisites and optimise and safeguard properties which will lead to an efficient property and security services, to support and enable the functions of the business to meet organisational objectives.