To promote the South African BEE commitment, Umgeni Water have continuously aligned its procurement policies to the existing legislation and government policies. All tenders are evaluated for BEE and strategies are continuously being designed and implemented to support this drive. The General Manager - Corporate Services oversees all corporate BEE activities. These include procuring goods and services preferentially, from enterprises that are owned and controlled by historically disadvantaged people, facilitating the development of smaller BEE enterprises and populating the supplier data base with companies that are owned by and support the BEE drive.

The reporting of BEE expenditure has been aligned to the BEE Codes of Good practice. The BEE figures reported on are based on external expenditure excluding non-discretionary expenditure.

Annual targets are set for BEE support and the organisation continuously strives to meet and exceed these targets. A lot of effort has been put towards the classification of suppliers. Suppliers are properly classified as either BEE enterprises or Traditional enterprises, as well as ensuring that there is evidence for the BEE rating for each supplier.