F14 Procurement Plan

Important Notice to All Umgeni Water Current and Prospective Suppliers

  Tender Advert Description Reference Issue Date Closing Date
DownloadConstruction of the 1ml/day Trustfeeds Wastewater Works2017/16112/May/201722/Jun/2017
DownloadSupply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of an Ion Chromatography For Water and Wastewater2017/12815/May/20178/Jun/2017
DownloadSupply, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning of an SPME Auto-Sampler For Extraction Of Geosmin And 2-MIB2017/15615/May/20178/Jun/2017
DownloadProvision of security guarding services to all umgeni water Sites2017/1018/May/20178/Jun/2017
DownloadAppointment of an environmental assessment practitioner to Undertake an environmental impact assessment for umzimkhulu bulk water Supply scheme2017/0898/May/20171/Jun/2017
DownloadProvision of network communications, telephony, wireless and network security maintenance2017/1682/May/201725/May/2017

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