2006/2007 Annual Report

Annual Report

2009 Annual Report

Annual Report 2009 [PDF – 6.3MB] Organisational profile [PDF – 132KB] Chair person's report [PDF – 136KB] Chief executive's report [PDF – 165KB] Corporate governance [PDF – 420KB] Risk management [PDF – 26KB] Strategy, Performance and Sustainability [PDF – 245KB] Sustainable development [PDF – 4.5MB] Statement of Directors’ Responsibility and Approval of the AnnualFinancial Statements [PDF – 69KB]Read Article

2008 Annual Report

Annual Report 2008 [PDF – 4.2MB] Report profile [PDF – 376KB] Organisational overview [PDF – 476KB] Organisational performance [PDF – 165KB] Chairman's review [PDF – 349KB] Chief Executive's review [PDF – 88KB] Corporate governance [PDF – 259KB] Water for growth & sustainability development [PDF – 1.3MB] Performance [PDF – 551KB] Corporate social investment [PDF – 160KB] Financial report [PDF – 441KB]Read Article