Message to Stakeholders – Strategies to combat COVID-19


Umgeni Water’s bulk potable water tariff setting process

UMGENI WATER'S BULK POTABLE WATER TARIFF SETTING PROCESS Issued by the Corporate Stakeholder Management Unit, Office of the Chief Executive Pietermaritzburg 5th July 2021 Reference is made to a report dated 1st July 2021 and titled Campaign against eThekwini tariff increases gains momentum as residents protest across Durban. The report was carried on Independent on…Read Article

Rehabilitation of Durban Heights Reservoir 3: The factors that have impacted this project

REHABILITATION OF DURBAN HEIGHTS RESERVOIR 3: THE FACTORS THAT HAVE IMPACTED THIS PROJECT Issued by the Corporate Stakeholder Management Unit Office of the Chief Executive 18th March 2021 Rehabilitation of the roof structure of Reservoir 3 at Durban Heights Water Works in Reservoir Hills is one of several strategically important projects that has been delayed…Read Article

Call for Nominations: Board members for Umgeni Water

MINISTER OF HUMAN SETTLEMENTS, WATER, AND SANITATION CALLS FOR NOMINATIONS FOR THE APPOINTMENT OF BOARD MEMBERS TO GOVERN UMGENI WATER. The Minister of Human Settlements, Water, and Sanitation is the Executive Authority and shareholder of Umgeni Water. She is responsible for the appointment of Board Members of Water Boards. Umgeni Water is a National Government…Read Article

48-hour shutdown for essential work to be carried out

Umgeni Water is the bulk potable water services provider to the uThukela District Municipality in terms of an agreement signed on 17th October 2018. In order to execute this function and achieve service level compliance, Umgeni Water operates and manages three water treatment plants within the town of Ladysmith and surrounding areas. These water treatment…Read Article

Minister appoints Interim Board at Umgeni Water

An 11-member Interim Board has been appointed at Umgeni Water to begin its tenure with immediate effect. This swift action by the Executive Authority of Umgeni Water, who is the Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation, follows a decision by the Minister to terminate the term of the previous Board due to discovery of…Read Article

Message to Stakeholders – Strategies to combat COVID-19

INTRODUCTION As we are aware, the new corona virus strain (Covid-19) continues to exact significant repercussions worldwide. Our country has not been spared its presence and accompanying social and economic challenges. The Government of the Republic of South Africa has rightly taken the lead in initiating stringent measures aimed at containment. Entities of State, among…Read Article