HIV/AIDS Management

HIV/AIDS Management

HIV/AIDS Programme in the Workplace

Umgeni Water has a comprehensive HIV/Aids management programme

Umgeni Water’s HIV/AIDS Policy was developed, adopted and implemented in 1991, revised in 2006 It has since been reviewed again it to new developments in legislation and best practices. Umgeni Water has also implemented the “Know Your Status Campaign” through a Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) programme. The VCT programme has a dual purpose of supporting those who are found to be HIV negative to remain so and to offer those found to be positive access to wellness, support and treatment programmes to enhance their quality of life and extend the duration of their productive employment.

The ongoing HIV/AIDS Education Programme at Umgeni Water is being managed by the Occupational Health Nursing Practitioners within the Occupational Health and Wellness Programme. The Occupational Health and Wellness Programme is the vehicle for addressing issues related to HIV/AIDS and other occupational health-related matters in the organisation.