Infrastructure Stability

Infrastructure Stability


The following three major projects have either been commissioned or are in the process of being commissioned:

    • The Eston – uMbumbulu Pipeline, a steel pipeline, 450mm in diameter and 25km in length, was designed to supply 15Ml/day to the area of uMbumbulu. This pipeline was successfully commissioned in June 2006 and is currently supplying just under 5Ml/day.
    • The Greendale Pipeline, a steel pipeline, 400mm in diameter and 2.6km in length, was designed to secure the supply of potable water to the Howick West reservoirs as a result of ageing infrastructure. This pipeline was successfully commissioned in January 2008 and is currently in the Defects Liability period of 12 months.
    • The South Coast Pipeline project has been completed, with some components already having been commissioned. The bulk water pipeline will improve the surety of potable water supply to the southern most portion of the eThekwini Municipality and the northern area of the Ugu District Municipality. This project comprises an 800mm diameter steel pipeline 22km in length, a 600mm diameter steel pipeline 13km in length, a 300mm diameter branch steel pipeline 4.5km in length, three reservoirs – one each at Amanzimtoti Water Works, Quarry and Mgobhozini with a capacity of 15Ml, 7.5Ml and 5Ml respectively and two pumping stations, one at Umnini and one at Umfumi having a power requirement of 1MW and 200KW respectively.

Umgeni Water has a capital expenditure programme for the next five years of approximately R1.7 billion. In an attempt to implement this programme, a Project Office was established. The major projects which this office is managing are the DV Harris to Umlaas Road pipelines, currently in various stages of design, to address both an increase in demand and eThekwini Water and Sanitation’s (EWS) planned load shedding programme. Linked to this is the 57/Western Aqueduct pipeline, currently out to tender, of which the first 10km of 1 400mm diameter steel pipe is being implemented by EWS on behalf of Umgeni Water. The other major projects comprise the 300Ml/day Durban Heights Booster Pumping Station to enable EWS better manage their Northern Aqueduct System and the North Coast Pipeline, a steel pipeline ranging in diameter from 800mm to 1 000mm over a distance of 17km from Ballito Bay to Honolulu necessary to meet the increasing demands along the north coast and part of the Illembe District Municipality.

Project description and number of beneficiaries Data below:

Some major Umgeni Water projects that will enhance security of water supply and eradicate water backlogs
Project Where Situated Nature of Project Number of Beneficiaries Cost to date Number of jobs created Progress to Date
uMshwathi Regional Bulk Water Supply Scheme Wartburg within local municipality of uMshwathi. The district municipality and WSA is uMgungundlovu Rural in nature and constructed to enhance security of supply and reduce backlogs. Six phases of uMshwathi Regional BWSS are:1. Claridge to Wartburg Pipeline (27km x 850ND), pump station (1.35MW) and storage reservoir (8Ml);

2. Wartburg to Dalton Pipeline (14.5km x 700ND), pump station (1.25MW) and storage reservoir (10Ml);

3. Dalton to Efaye (29km of 750ND, 700ND, 400ND) and Ozwathini (18km x 700ND) pipelines, pump station (0.15MW) and reservoir (12Ml);

4. Southern Ndwedwe: reservoirs & pipelines;

5. Ozwathini/ Maphumalo reservoirs and pipelines, and

6. Supply from Bruyns Hill Reservoir to  Wosiyane Scheme within southern Ndwedwe

According to Census 2011, population that will be served by this scheme is approximately 270 000 people, or
45 000 households. This figure is expected to increase to  more than
385 000 people by 2045. Design capacity of this scheme is 74Ml/d
Total budget is R2.3 billion. Its social component has been estimated at  61% – or R1.4 billion – which will be co-financed from grant funding Approximately 1 219 decent temporary jobs, each being equivalent to 100 person days of work, were created from start until July 2017 Phase 1: Commissioning completed

Phase 2: Commissioning completed

Phase 3: Commissioning completed

Phase 4: Detailed design completed by Nov 2021

*Subject to securing grant funding

Lower Thukela Bulk Water Supply Scheme Mandini within the local municipality of Mandeni. The district municipality and WSA is iLembe Part rural in nature and constructed to reduce backlogs and enhance assurance of supply. Principle components of project include:1. A weir and abstraction works with an integrated low-lift pump station in  uThukela River (constructed for future and ultimate capacity of 110 Mℓ/d, but now equipped for 55 Ml/d)

2. Abstraction works with sediment traps (110 Ml/d)

3. Weir across the river to manage water levels (171m wide)

4. Low lift pump station at abstraction works (60 Ml/d)

5. A 55 Ml/day water treatment works with high-rise pump station (with certain components constructed for future and ultimate capacity of 110 Ml/d, but now equipped for 55Ml/d)

6. Gatehouse, administration building, chemical dosing building, chlorination building, centrifuge building, Inlet works, clarifloculators, Pulsators, filter block, machine room,  reservoir, high lift pump station, backwash recovery tank, thin sludge holding tank, gravity thickener, thick sludge holding tank

7. Access roads to abstraction works and water treatment works (a road on either side of the river)

8. Approximately 3.65 km x 900 mm diameter rising main pipeline

9. A 30 Mℓ reservoir (command reservoir)

10. Approximately 30km gravity main pipeline to link up with Umgeni Water’s existing water distribution network at its Mvoti Reservoir, with several off-takes to iDM along the way

11. Substation and power supply from Eskom

The 55Mℓ plant can serve between 28 000 and 45 000 households (230 000 people) Total cost of completion was R1,5 billion A total of 1 646 local labour days for local labour was achieved on the project with a large number of permanent job opportunities with the operation and maintenance of the scheme This project has been completed and is currently supplying water to parts of iLembe
Midmar Water Treatment Works Upgrade Howick within the local municipality of Mgeni. The district municipality and WSA is uMgungundlovu The project was identified and undertaken to enhance security of supply to uMgungundlovu, Msunduzi and parts of eThekwini.
Upgrade from 250Ml/d to 395Ml/d raw water that will produce 375Ml/d treated waterThere were two contracts:
2.Midmar raw water pump station upgrade
An estimated 200 000  households, or 1,5 million people, in uMgungundlovu District, Pietermaritzburg and the eThekwini region will benefit Anticipated cost of completion of the project is R215 million During construction an estimated 417 jobs were created Construction has been completed. The next phase will be commissioning
Greater Eston Bulk Water Supply Scheme Eston within the local municipality uMshwathi. The district municipality and WSA is uMgungundlovu This project is a combination of augmentation and backlog eradication and comprises:Phase 1: 8km  bulk pipeline, 400 kilolitre (Kℓ) reservoir and 14 km  reticulation pipeline

Phase 2: bulk 4Ml  storage reservoirs and reticulation

Phase 3:  26.4km bulk water gravity mains, 1.7 km bulk water rising mains, 3.5 Ml reinforced concrete reservoir and  pump station for supply to phases 4 & 5

Phase 4:  11.1 km bulk water gravity mains, 1.5 km bulk water rising mains, 11 km  reticulation mains, a 400 kl reservoir and a pump station

Phase 5: 5.9 km of 200 millimetre diameter bulk water gravity mains

An estimated  7 000 households, or 42 000 people, will ultimately benefit from this project Cost of completion was R245 million During construction an estimated 167 jobs were created The project has been successfully completed, commissioned and is supplying water to parts of Mkhambathini and Richmond

Water Supply Scheme

Water Supply Scheme

Works Upgrade

Water Supply Scheme