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Rehabilitation of Durban Heights Reservoir 3: The factors that have impacted this project

REHABILITATION OF DURBAN HEIGHTS RESERVOIR 3: THE FACTORS THAT HAVE IMPACTED THIS PROJECT Issued by the Corporate Stakeholder Management Unit Office of the Chief Executive 18th March 2021 Rehabilitation of the roof structure of Reservoir 3 at Durban Heights Water Works in Reservoir Hills is one of several strategically important projects that has been delayed…Read Article

Call for Nominations: Board members for Umgeni Water

MINISTER OF HUMAN SETTLEMENTS, WATER, AND SANITATION CALLS FOR NOMINATIONS FOR THE APPOINTMENT OF BOARD MEMBERS TO GOVERN UMGENI WATER. The Minister of Human Settlements, Water, and Sanitation is the Executive Authority and shareholder of Umgeni Water. She is responsible for the appointment of Board Members of Water Boards. Umgeni Water is a National Government…Read Article

Board Nomination Advert

THE BOARD OF UMGENI WATER (THE BOARD) CALLS FOR NOMINATIONS FOR THE APPOINTMENT OF BOARD MEMBERS TO SERVE ON THE BOARD OF UMGENI WATER SERVICES (SOC) LTD. Board Term of up to four (4) Years. Umgeni Water Services (SOC) Ltd (“UWS”) is a 100% owned subsidiary of Umgeni Water, the company’s primary mandate or main…Read Article