Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


“Global Leader in the sustainable provision of water and related services”

We strive to be a globally recognised, effectively run, public‐oriented, and socially accountable water utility, which has its heart and mind, focused on the provision of water and related services. We will achieve leadership based on our performance and the sustainable value we co‐create with our customers and stakeholders and continue to leave a positive legacy in our communities, region, country and the world over.


“To create value for our customers through providing innovative, sustainable, effective and
affordable water and related services”

Our business is the provision of water and related services and providing specialist support in the provision of water for all. This includes providing all water and related services to our customers, supporting municipalities, and contributing to water knowledge that will lead to sustainability from source‐to‐source.

Strategic intent

“Key Partner that enables government to deliver effective and efficient water and related

Umgeni Water intends to be recognised as a strategic and sustainable partner of government, co‐creating value through providing water and related services as a catalyst for community development.

Benevolent Intent

“Provide water and related services to improve the quality of life and enhance sustainable
economic development”

Umgeni Water intends to be recognised as a transformational organization that is accountable to society. Through this people‐centered approach, Umgeni Water will leverage its resources to ensure the restoration of dignity for all. Water and related services will be provided for both health and economic benefits, which contribute to addressing poverty, under‐development, and inequality.