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Below Average Rainfall causes KZN Drought

Hazelmere Dam now

Parts of the Umgeni Water operational area are in a state of drought, a consequence of the El Nino effect. The affected areas are the north of eThekwini, parts of the iLembe District and the Middle South Coast. In the north, the level of the Hazelmere Dam has been falling consistently and is at an extremely low level. In the south, levels of two of the three dams that serve the Middle South Coast – Nungwane and Umzinto – are below 50%, a situation that is of concern. In an effort to try to ensure that the amount of water that is available in Hazelmere Dam lasts until the next rains, Umgeni Water has reduced the production of potable water and water rationing and restrictions have been applied by eThekwini Metro, iLembe District Municipality and Sembcorp Siza Water. Further, Umgeni Water has implemented an emergency scheme that transfers water from the uThongathi River to Hazelmere Dam to augment supply in the dam. Measures put in place have been effective in slowing down the drop in the level of the Hazelmere Dam, and consumers within the affected areas have also begun to appreciate the need for water conservation and for the implementation of water rationing and restrictions as a means to manage the effects of the drought.

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