Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Interaction

One of the key Strategic Objectives of Umgeni Water is to increase customer and stakeholder value and in pursuance of this, customer and stakeholder interaction is a vital component. Consequently, Umgeni Water leadership, management and officials engage with stakeholders that are impacted on, affected by or may have an interest in the mandate and core functions of the organisation. Stakeholders have been categorised into four groups: Statutory, Strategic, Contracted and Non-Contracted. Engagements with them take place as a mandatory legislative requirement, as part of contractual obligations and on a voluntary basis. These engagements are both scheduled and unscheduled.

Umgeni Water engaged with all targeted stakeholders in the year under review and, overall, received positive and constructive feedback which assists in developing future strategies, plans and programmes.

All statutory documents for the year were timely submitted.

The relationship Umgeni Water has with its stakeholders is based on transparency and mutual value creation.  The feedback received in the year bears testimony to healthy and robust stakeholder relations.

Table 8.1: Umgeni Water Stakeholders and Basis for Engagement.

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