Leadership & Development

Leadership & Development


Leadership and Employee Development

Management Approach

Umgeni Water recognises the importance of its employees in the delivery of its strategic goals and objectives. The organisation has embraced the principle that its organisational goals and human resources needs are mutual, compatible and strongly inter-dependent. Umgeni Water’s Human Resources policies encourage a focused, skilled workforce and good employee relations thus creating a healthy working environment.

Labour Practices and decent work


Umgeni Water seeks to maintain a workforce that will enable it to deliver quality services to all its stakeholders. A Five-Year Workforce Plan, aligned to the strategic objectives of the organisation, has been implemented to ensure current and future workforce needs are met. As part of the Workforce Plan implementation process a Succession, Mentoring and Coaching Action Plan has been approved. The purpose of the Succession, Mentoring and Coaching Plan is to create a pool of competences aimed at meeting Umgeni Water’s future skills’ demand by:

    • Targeting positions in all divisions from the Executive, Senior Management, Professionals and Technical levels that are critical for the organisation’s success and retention of institutional memory with proven potential and preparing individuals to assume higher levels of responsibility in key and strategic positions that may become vacant due to planned or unexpected absence.
    • Identifying and agreeing Scarce, Core and Critical positions with relevant Line Managers.
    • Developing a profile of all potential retirees – employee between 60 – 65 years of age – that are holding scarce and critical position as identified per five year Workforce Plan.
    • Determining and documenting the required job competencies from the job profiles of identified key positions using competency mapping and workforce plan in assisting Line Managers to compile Job Profiles.
    • Developing a skills database comprising all employees who have completed developmental programmes through Assisted Education and others to be used when identifying successors and
    • Developing a skills database for Learners, Apprenticeships and Trainees that have completed and/or are currently on training, to be considered when filling Scarce, Core or Critical vacancies and vacancies due to retirees.

All Umgeni Water’s employees are based in KwaZulu-Natal. All full time and fixed term contract employees are provided with the following benefits: provident fund or retirement fund, housing allowance and medical aid. All female employees are entitled to maternity leave.